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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the website URL "Alex the keys man"?"
    In my college days I was dubbed the nickname "Alex the keys man." I don't remember the exact origin, but I think it had something to do with keyboards, and playing on everyone's projects.
  • Will there ever be a Last Responders reunion? Including more live shows or another album?
    Yes, but under a new name! Former Last Responders members Kyle Cushman & Dan Litavsky have reunited with Alex to form a new band, The Turbulents. They plan on recording an album and doing live shows in 2022.
  • Is Fourfront over?
    Fourfront went on an extended hiatus in November 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are no future plans for the band to continue. Alex's focus going into 2022 is The Turbulents.
  • What kind of music recording software do you use?
    I use Pro Tools to record all audio during the recording process. I use Logic Pro for preproduction work, MIDI sequencing and/or using virtual synths via third party plugins.
  • I would like to buy a keyboard for (so-and-so). What is a good beginner keyboard or brand to learn on?
    This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different, and different keyboards might work better to suit certain needs. It's almost like telling someone what car they should drive. I would recommend going to a music store and finding one that works for you and best suits your needs.
  • Will you ever publish sheet music for any of your work?
    I'm definitely considering it, but there currently isn't any available for print.
  • Which keyboards do you use in your rig?
    If you go to the "Equipment" page on the website you can see a listing of all the gear that I use and the companies that I endorse.
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