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Works from Space


All music written, arranged, and produced by - Alex Seubert

1. Supernova
2. The Fourth Dimension
3. Sea of Tranquility
4. Cosmic Voyage
5. Scarred
6. Continuum
7. Distant Memories
8. Quantum Reaper


Alex Seubert: Keyboards/Synthesizers, Piano, Hammond Organ
Kyle Cushman: Lead Guitar
Dan Litavsky: Drums & Percussion
Ken Migliore: Bass Guitar
Chris Seubert: Acoustic Guitar

Recorded by: Josh Russell at Spring House Recordings
Mixed by: Josh Russell & Alex Seubert at Spring House Recordings
Mastered by: Ron Keck at SubCat Music Studios
Duplication/CD's printed by: TJ James at SubCat Music Studios

Artwork & Logos designed by: Ken Migliore

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